After two decades in the spotlight, it's clear that Britney Spears knows a thing or two about confidence. (After all, this is the woman who danced with a snake on national TV!) In a new interview, Britney shared some inspiring advice on keeping up self-esteem.

The singer was promoting her new lingerie collection, Intimate Britney Spears, so it makes sense that confidence was a topic of conversation.

When asked what message she wants the line to give, Britney responded, "For women to feel more confident and to be more loving to themselves. I don't think you need a man in this world anymore. I think you just need yourself and a little love and a bath. And that's what this lingerie's all about."

If you weren't already inspired to check out the collection, Brit's self-esteem booster might have swayed you! She also touched on the fashion industry's oft-criticized image ideals, saying she doesn't want any woman to feel alone and "All sizes are beautiful."

The 'Perfume' singer also opened up about her own struggles with self-esteem.

"I'm not always confident," Britney said, laughing. "But when I do feel confident, usually I have something that I really love on. It makes me express myself in a confident way that I feel really comfortable with."

Check out Britney's full interview in the video above!

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