Britney Spears landing a Las Vegas residency deal is all we could have ever hoped for for our favorite star. Not only does it give us an excuse to go to Vegas -- as if we really needed a legit excuse -- but it would also provide us with the opportunity to see what could be an incredible show.

But according to some people, the whopping $200 million deal BritBrit reportedly signed last week is being called into question. Why? Lip syncing, of course.

Breathe Heavy is reporting that the bidding war for Spears, who is actually thisclose to finalizing her residency at Planet Hollywood, has come to a bit of a halt as higher ups question whether or not the 'Scream and Shout' singer will actually be singing live.

“The hotels fear that people outside of Britney’s fanbase would be disappointed by a lipsynched show,” said an insider to the Britney fansite.

It's true that many people who choose to see a show in Vegas are of an older and more mature age, so hotels bidding for Spears' name are questioning whether or not she'll be able to attract the younger crowd and naturally, they're afraid of losing their investment.

“The hotels are afraid to take her on because they feel people will demand refunds if the show is lackluster and lipsynched," continued the source.

Let's get real, though. Do people go see Britney Spears because she's a talented singer, or because she puts on one helluva show?

Take it from us Britney experts: the girl puts on a crazy good show. She's always entertaining and mesmerizing. Now that makes a show!

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