Britney Spears is debuting the spring collection of her Intimate lingerie, and the sultry video ads pretty much sound like romance novels, especially with Lingerieney's breathy narration. (Yes, we just referred to Britney as Lingerieney because that is now a thing that is happening.)

For the "Eris" clip, the sexy vid is awash in peachy gold as Britney breathes the seductive voiceover.

"Each soft breath becomes a story. Each story, a sweet intimacy that becomes lingerie," she narrates as clips of sepia-tinged chandeliers and lilacs flit across the screen. "With satin bows, and laces that tease and tame the hearts' desires. Hot enough to melt a moon, a man, or maybe a dream."

For the "Endine" vid, the theme is a little less 50 Shades of Grey and a little more Old Hollywood glam, reminding us of her "Lucky" music video in the best way possible.

"It was an era of magical elegance," Britney says as the video cuts to images of her in the white lingerie. "Glamorous women grace silver screens and dreams. When luxurious sensuality swept women throughout the night and sometimes, even the day."

Britney Army, what do you think of Britney's Intimate lingerie collection? We think if the "sweet intimacy" can magically transform itself into underwear — you know, sans the aid of any workers or machinery — then sign us up. Britney Spears' lingerie = pure magic.

Check out the romance-novel-inspired videos above and below!

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