The Legendary Miss Britney Spears' unstoppable promo tour continues.

After unveiling "Make Me (feat. G-Eazy)," her long-awaited, oft-delayed lead single from her forthcoming ninth studio album, the Blackout icon immediately went to a water park to celebrate. And then went to Sky Zone. And then looked at some anime. And then ate at Cheesecake Factory. And then stood in a parking lot.

And now, she's right back on her #MakeMePromo grind.

Yesterday evening, the Living Legend™ treated the Britney Army to an Answer Time session on her Tumblr, during which she braved all the hard-hitting questions fans have been dying to know for years, like "Have you been playing Pokemon go?" (she just started with her kids), "What's ur favorite recipe?" ("Fudge!") and "What's your favorite tv show?" (Let it be known: if you don't know it's Sex & The City by now, as it always has and always always be, you're just a bad fan.)

She also confirmed that her favorite song of the moment is Meghan Trainor's "Me Too," which is something I'm still dealing with on a personal level and would appreciate some privacy at this time.

As far as new music is concerned? We got the teensiest, wait-and-see-iest morsels of information, as B-Girl so often supplies us during these sorts of things.

On G-Eazy: "He’s such an amazing talent. It was fun! His rap really took the song to a new level."

On her favorite song on the new album: "Hard to say - I love them all! One of my favorites of course is Make Me, which is why it’s the first single."

On new producers: "Burns, as you know, produced Make Me. You’ll have to wait until the album comes out to see all the rest!"

On her album's release date: "Soon… Very soon!"

On her album's sound: "I’ll just say this… We really explored some new things."

On her newly remixed, reimagined and still iconic Vegas show, Piece Of Me: "Make Me will be added for sure!"

On her next video, of which an early version may or may not be leaking at a glacial pace: "There’s lots of female empowerment. Lol"

LOL, indeed.

Britney Wait And See GIF

On the plus side, "Make Me" debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, tying for the sixth-highest debut of her career.

As for B9? Make some fudge and stay on high alert for Female Empowermentney.

See you sweeties in Las Vegas for the iHeartRadio Music Festival!

Britney Kicks Off Remixed, Reimagined and Still Iconic Vegas Residency:

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