Some pop stars have the luxury of executing ***flawless launches of their audio-visual experiences. Hell, Beyoncé surprise-dropped an entire album's worth of videos. Twice. But for Britney Spears? It just doesn't ever seem to work (bitch) out that way.

While the release date for Britney's new, G-Eazy-assisted single from her upcoming ninth studio album has continued to shift over the past few months (as of last month, the song was set to arrive sometime in July), it seems a privileged party or two decided to make her oooh slightly ahead of schedule.

Last night (July 11), Perez Hilton, who is now somehow still a part of Britney's legacy in 2016 (blurgh), yapped his way through a clip of the seemingly still-unfinished music video shot on his computer screen. And as of this morning (July 12), about one full minute of the David LaChapelle-shot music video for "Make Me" already sprung a low quality leak. The video links are already being rapidly pulled down, but...this is the Internet, after all.

B-Girl certainly seems prone to leaks throughout her career. Remember when Femme Fatale leaked in full about three weeks early? Oh, and "Work Bitch"? And basically every single she's released in the past five years? That said, this latest fumble feels especially messy.

As members of the Britney Army continue to rally around Britney in an attempt to stop the spread of links, there's still no official word regarding whether RCA will release "Make Me" early in response to the semi-arrival of the music video. (She herself is already busy giving us a "Private Show" this week.)

Some of Britney's more conspiracy theory-driven fans have suggested that this leak might be intentional. And to that, I say: If the launch plan behind this single was truly to leak something to Perez Hilton in the year 2016, then this is doubly embarrassing.

On the bright side? The song seems to be going over well with fans.

But, um...maybe Britney's team should Do Somethin'?

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