New Britney Spears is here in the form of 'Ooh La La,' her song for 'The Smurfs 2' soundtrack.

The track will play over the end credits of the film, out July 31, and appear on the July 23-issued soundtrack.

It is a thoroughly modern pop track, featuring synths, processed vocals and some sassy "sorta" raps and hip-hop breaks. Brit is definitely taking cues from Nicki Minaj and Kesha this time out.

'Ooh La La' is also somewhat of a cute, electro-pop love song, with a crazy Auto-tuned bridge. As is often the case, Brit's vocals have a lot of effects on them, but that breathy girl voice (which we love), is distinctly hers.

But it's not overly sexy or raunchy, as Brit is known to be. Since the song will be featured in an animated kids movie, she certainly had to tone it down and deliver a G-rated song. Anything else would have been uncivilized.

We like hearing this side of her, lyrically, as she lets her new beau know she doesn't care about his status, his style or the size of his bank account. She digs him because of who he is. That's not too far removed from her real life situation, as she has been seen with and is said to be dating a regular guy named David Lucado since splitting with agent/fiance Jason Trawick.

While diehard fans of "Brit the Sexpot" and her more hardcore material won't love the mom version of the singer, it's an appropriate and likable track for a kiddie film.

Listen to Britney Spears, 'Ooh La La'