If you thought Britney Spears seemed "kooky" and "off" during her Apple Music Festival performance, that's because she was — according to The Legendary Miss Britney Spears herself.

Following her lengthy set on stage last night (Sept. 27), the ever-humble, ever-hilarious Living Legend is keeping the #GloryPromo — or should we call it #PieceOfMeWorldTourPromo? — coming with an interview on BBC Radio 1 with Scott Mills. (Her other interview on BBC Radio 1 this era, if you'll recall, involved a lot of giggling about Justin Bieber's wiener.)

The most insightful chat provided us with many gems from Britishney (who's looking incredible in Londontown, by the way), including confirmation that she was totally jet-lagged during her show, that she enjoys frequenting 24 Hour Fitness to go swimming (and/or steam room cruising), that her Vegas audience is still a bunch of drunks, and that she's a boring old mom now. Also, an accent game at the end!

Some tidbits and whatnot...

On the London fans at The Roundhouse versus her drunk-ass Piece Of Me audience, who she continues to shade at every opportunity:

"I will say they were more alert, and maybe because not all of them are intoxicated. They were very present, and very, very with me. It's sincere, which actually made me more nervous. I was like, 'Oh god, they're not intoxicated!'"

On clarifying that she is, in fact, proud of holding Banana The Snake during her "I'm a Slave 4 U" 2001 MTV VMAs performance:

"I think it's great that I did it. I wouldn't do it now...I was completely fearless. It was cool."

On what she'd say if Jayden James and Sean Preston said they wanted to become pop stars:

"'Let's think about this.'"

On being 'into' knowing about her sales and chart positions, meaning she's definitely trolling ATRL and refreshing the iTunes Store at every opportunity:

"I'm into the numbers. I'm very aware of what's going on."

On whether there's an urge to become a Vegas party monster:

"I'm very boring. I'm into the food in Vegas. I'm willing to go to nice restaurants for sushi and stuff like that. I've made my hotel, like, a home..it's like a mystical, beautiful boutique place. I'm too old to go out."

On creeping on men in public steam rooms in her off-hours:

"I went to a pool the other day, um, 24 Hour Fitness. I went to go swim, and then I usually go to the steam room. And it's co-ed — there were 4 men in the steam room. And I was like 'No! I gotta get outta here! I'm so scared!' It was so weird! Usually you have your own for women and men...I was really shocked."

On her overall Apple Music Festival experience:

"I was a little spacey, because I was kind of out of it."

On "accidentally" punching people in the face, mid-costume change:

"Sometimes, I've accidentally hit them in the face and I've been like 'no, I did not mean to do that.' You just have to keep going...and then your hands are in the air, and you're like 'Oh my God, I'm a beautiful mess right now!' It's insane but, you know, it's real."

On cancelling her "Touch Of My Hand" back walkover mid-walking over during the Apple Music Festival performance:

"I have a part in the show I just started doing. When I was younger, I could do backflips. Now I'm older, of course...I put a back walkover in my show. I can still do a back walkover. After last night, I freaked out. I put my hands up, and there was a new guy there. Usually, I have a signature guy who helps me with it for the past 3 years. It was a new guy. It was his first time to touch my back, and I couldn't do it...I should have felt more confident, but I didn't. I didn't do it because I was scared!"

A "beautiful mess," indeed...and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Listen to the full interview on BBC Radio 1, beginning around the 02:11:00 mark.

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