Britney Spears could not wait for us to watch her dance-til-you-drop new video for 'Till the World Ends.' The pop star tweeted the link to the apocalyptic video during the wee hours of the morning and damn if Brit Brit isn't back in fine form.

The video features Brit in various skintight black outfits, many of them leather and spiked and she is wearing thigh-high black boots, while she moves her body animalistically amid a crew of dancers. Brit rocks tousled, bed head waves and flashes more than a few bedroom eyed stares at the camera while she gyrates to the thumping electronic beats that define 'Till the World Ends.'

While Brit and her friends dance the night away in a dark, sweaty club (very similar to her risqué 2001 'I'm a Slave for U' video), scenes of a city imploding play out as part of the plot. Buildings are falling, people are seeking shelter in manholes and things are, well, a twisted mess. But that doesn't stop the music from flowing or the dancers from responding to it.

This version appears to be the director's cut, fusing footage of both Britney and her dancers with the apocalypse taking place in the background! Brit was so happy with the footage that she plans to release two videos, with the choreographer's version to include more of Brit Brit dancing. While Brit liked the way the shoot went down, she certainly worked her ass off to create the final products and at one point had to replace her stilettos with Uggs!

Also, congrats to Britney for topping the Billboard Top 200 chart this week with 'Femme Fatale,' which sold 276,000 copies its first week in stores.

Watch the Britney Spears, 'Till the World Ends' Video