The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is staying put, shimmying and hair flipping in Las Vegas at her massively successful Piece Of Me residency at Planet Hollywood throughout least, as far as we know.

Over the past year, however, the "Man On The Moon" pop icon has gingerly tip-toed around the idea of touring outside of her residency.

"I love doing my show in one place, plus it’s been great because I can have my boys out with me a lot of the time. But, sometimes I do get that itch to travel and tour again. It’s in my blood," she told the Las Vegas Sun in February last year.

And now, in the latest morsel of hope for international fans, B-Girl's made it clear that she's (still) open to going abroad in a brief interview for the January 2017 Think Magazine cover story.

"I hope we can do some touring! It'll be fun to see my fans from overseas who haven't been able to make it out to Las Vegas," she said.

Granted, she did sort of tour in the second half of 2016 for the first time since her residency kicked off three years ago, bringing a chunk of her Piece Of Me show to the stage in London for her Apple Music Festival performance, as well as her iHeartRadio Music Festival set and several radio shows across the country.

But Britney fans could always use more (moah) — especially in terms of seeing her latest studio album, Glory, come to life with a show full of new material.

Which begs the question: what would a Glory Tour look and sound like, anyway?

"Slumber Party" in a massive bed with all her dancers? A "Just Like Me"/"She'll Never Be Me"/"Lonely" mash-up with a body double? A "Coupure Electrique" intro leading into a Blackout megamix? (All of these things need to happen, for the record.)

A Brazilian DJ/producer fan — yes, of course it's Brazil — has one possible answer.

Just before Christmas break, Kosmmik posted an incredibly impressive suite of visuals and "live" tracks as part of an imaginary GLORY 8 Tour: Live In Concert, which he calls his "vision for the great spectacle that would take the Glory album to worldwide stages."

He's giving away the whole homemade "tour" on Facebook. For now, watch some of the imagined tour visuals and listen to his adrenaline rush interpretation of fan favorite "If I'm Dancing" below — the dramatic intro alone could easily replace any current Piece Of Me interlude.

What would you want to see on a Glory Tour? Leave your dream (within a dream) setlist down below.

Britney Performs at the Triple Ho Concert in San Jose:

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