Good news for Britney Spears fans! Snippets of some previously unreleased tracks from the pop princess have hit the Web. The songs are from her 'Original Doll' album, which never saw the light of day -- until now.

'Original Doll' producer Michelle Bell promised to release clips of the tunes if she got enough followers on Twitter. It looks like the Spears spawn worked! Bell released pieces of 'Money, Love & Happiness' and 'Peep Show.'

'Money, Love & Happiness' is a raunchy tale of bedroom braggadocio, while 'Peep Show' is an ode to anticipation of a romp. There's a more tongue-in-cheek undertone to 'Money, Love & Happiness,' as it sounds like Spears is comparing her boudoir skills to her studio ones: "You should know by now / My name's synonymous / With all the hottest hits / I leave them breathless / People give me compliments / Boostin' up my confidence."

The tracks are only the latest in a long list of recent leaks from Spears. Last month her kiss off to an ex, 'Look Who's Talking Now,' hit the 'net. The song 'Don’t Keep Me Waiting,' her ballad ‘Strangest Love’ and a mashup remix with Stevie Nicks also hit the Web in January.

We hope the new songs keep coming -- at least to tide us over until Spears gets back in the studio after her wedding! Take a listen to the snippets below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Listen to Britney Spears, 'Money, Love & Happiness' Snippet

Listen to Britney Spears, 'Peep Show' Snippet

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