Britney Spears' latest banger 'Work Bitch' is about working hard to get what you want in life, with a typical Brit Brit twist. There's not a lot of hidden or buried meaning in the song and Brit's being pretty overt. But it's got such an edge.

"You wanna hot body / You want a Bugatti / You wanna Maserati / You better work bitch / You want a Lamborghini / Sip martinis / Look hot in a bikini / You better work bitch / You wanna live fancy / Live in a big mansion / Party in France."

We get it. If you want any of the finer things in life, don't expect anyone to hand 'em over to you. You better start with some elbow grease and some passion. Brit didn't scratch and claw her way to the top of the pop food chain without drive, determination and some old fashioned sweat equity. It's worth mentioning that this the type of luxe that ain't for Lorde, for a little dose of pop music cyclicality.

"So hold your head high / Fingers to the sky / Now they don’t believe ya / But they gonna need ya / Keep it building higher and higher / Keep it building higher and higher."

But Brit isn't all boasting and bravado, and chest puffing about how hard she has worked. She is encouraging her fans to do the same. Don't let anyone stop you from working. It's also a veiled way for Brit to acknowledge the haters, the gossipers and the media that couldn't look away when she was melting down. Miley Cyrus may sing about the concept, but it's Brit Brit who can't be stopped.

"Ring the alarm / Don’t stop now / Just be the champion / Working hard like it’s your profession / Watch out now / Cause here it comes."

Brit Brit the Encourager and the Enforcer. Again, Katy Perry may sing about being a champion, but it was Brit who held that belt first. Brit's not churning out poetry but the song is lyrically uplifting and positive. When you're shaking your groove thing and sweating on the dancefloor, these words are simple enough to make you smile and to sing along to.

PopCrushers, sound off in the comments below what you think 'Work Bitch' is all about.