Broad City's back, better than ever and ready to take on No. 45.

The beloved Comedy Central series, which stars best buds Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, released the trailer for the show's fourth season and it's a master class in weed, wigs and Wanda Sykes. Scenes from forthcoming episodes — which will premiere on August 23 — include celeb cameos from RuPaul, Steve Buscemi and Shania Twain (allegedly). Oh, and there's of course footage of the girls experimenting with botox, blowing clouds of reefer into protestors' faces and performing enough high fives to leave their palms bloodied.

Still, it's not all fun and games — the girls get political, too! There's mention of Donald Trump — more specifically mention of "F--- you, Trump. I'm going back in" as Glazer makes good use of a vibrator. Now that is some good ol' fashioned American liberty.

And what else can you expect from the next season? For one thing, it'll be significantly darker, both stars told The Daily Beast.

"It is so relevant right now. I’m just so excited to show people,” Jacobson noted, while Glazer very starkly offered “It is dark as f---. t is as dark as the world is today...Now it’s just constantly moving over the girls in the show the way it is over us in real life.”

Celebs' Seriously Awkward Phases:

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