Time to tear open that 2017 calendar — Broad City will return next summer, stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer confirmed today (December 7), and you might have to adjust your dreamy vacation plans accordingly.

In a new Facebook teaser, the duo — who play a pair of down-on-their-luck friends in the Comedy Central breakthrough hit — confirmed the show's just a few months away from its fourth season's premiere. Broad City's third season wrapped up in April and included episodes that found the ladies failing as Food Co-Op volunteers, throwing a party for prospective Tinder dates and even volunteering for then-presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Ah, simpler times...

"Hi, you guys, wow," Glazer says before she and Jacobson dive into their signature, un-choreographed buddy-buddy routine. "We're coming back, and we're coming back in August."

"Hard," Jacobson adds.

"Coming in hard and raw," Glazer adds to Jacboson's addition.

In April, Glazer and Jacobson told Entertainment Weekly that the future of the show will challenge their characters to grow up a little bit, and finally face some consequences. To keep them suspended in a gravity-free world would bore audiences, they said. Still, it's proving to be a challenge, since Broad City's initial appeal is rooted in the follies of twentysomethings.

"It’s supposed to capture that certain part of life," Glazer said. "And the characters are too gross if they don’t grow beyond that point of life. So we gotta find that balance where are we going to stretch [that aspect] it out a little more, or are we going to do more accurate of life?"

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