It looks like the Boss knows how to party rock! Bruce Springsteen joined funnyman Jimmy Fallon to cover LMFAO's inescapable, infectious hit, 'Sexy and I Know It.'

The clip opens with Fallon disguised as classic crooner Neil Young. He dons a floppy cowboy hat, long wig and harmonica. He sings a countrified ballad version of the track. Fallon's guitar skills are pretty impressive! He completes the first verse and chorus solo, but gets a special guest as soon as he sings of tanning his cheeks in a Speedo.

Springsteen enters, dressed his 1980s self. He joins Fallon for the chorus: "Girl, look at that body / I work out." Springsteen completes the chorus on his own, then sings the "wiggle wiggle" lines solo. He even strikes LMFAO's signature flexing pose at the end of the performance!

It's great to see a rock god with such a great sense of humor, and we're sure that the 'Shots' enthusiasts are toasting one another to their send up by Springsteen. It's a testament to LMFAO's pop culture significance that a living legend knows the words to their songs! Check out the hilarious and surprisingly catchy clip below. You may even prefer this version to the original.

Watch Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) Perform 'I'm Sexy And I Know It'

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