This week, BTS member and rapper J-Hope, one of the South Korean group's main dancers, dropped his beat-laden debut solo mixtape, Hope World, spawning multiple trending hashtags across social media. (We see you, ARMYs!)

Chock full of catchy hip-hop, trap-pop and rap bangers, the seven-track release showcased an even more personal side to the group member, as well as a much different style than the smooth, gospel-inspired sound J-Hope dipped into on 2016's Wings track, "Mama."

While J-Hope (née Jung Ho-seok) is just one artist in a long list of K-pop stars who have released solo music, the rapper has already proved his ability to shine, whether he's dancing onstage with his record-breaking bandmates or flexing his playful side in his own music video for "Daydream."

But Hope World got us thinking: Aside from his BTS bandmates, which artists would J-Hope make completely fire music with?

Below, check out seven global artists we'd love to see J-Hope collaborate with at some point.

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