Rapper Busta Rhymes reteams with his 'Look At Me Now' partner-in-rhyme Chris Brown for his latest video 'Why Stop Now.' The clip also reunites Rhymes with legendary videographer Hype Williams who has helmed some of the veteran rhyme-slinger's most influential videos in the '90s.

The clip is overloaded with eye-popping special effects as we watch Rhymes become engulfed by a swarm of flying locusts and hang off the roof of a speeding train. In one particular scene, Rhymes turns into a blinged-out superhero who uses his diamond-encrusted powers to protect citizens from police at occupy Wall Street.

Meanwhile, a shirtless Chris Brown shows off his acrobatic dances moves and killer abs in a haunted house. There's also scenes of Bussa-Buss and Breezy together dressed in all black-outfits and dark shades. You may remember that Rhymes posted a few pics from the set on his Instagram last year.

The 'Why Stop Now' video is another visually-appealing winner from the frenetic mind of Busta Rhymes. It should keep Busta fans engaged until the official album from his partnership with Cash Money and Google Music hit stores this year.

Watch the Busta Rhymes 'Why Stop Now' Video Feat. Chris Brown