21-year-old rugby coach Caitlin Koch made her hometown of Buffalo proud with her performance on an impressively rearranged version of 'Stop! In the Name of Love' by the Supremes on 'X Factor' tonight.

If the young, fresh-faced singer -- who was clearly athletic but (forgive us) still didn't seem to have the size or personality to lay out punishment in one of the world's roughest sports -- is half as good in that arena as she was onstage tonight, then we expect to see her in the Olympics shortly. (Is rugby in the Olympics?)

Koch had great stage presence, delivered a creative and thoughtful, slowed down version of a classic soul song, and as Simon Cowell noted, was able to recover when her nerves briefly got the best of her near the end of the song.

The judges noticed her talent right away, with Simon exclaiming "Wow!" right at the start of her performance, and three of the judges clapping as soon as Koch finished singing. There was no drama or begging or 15-second retries needed. L.A. Reid started off the lovefest, declaring in the lower register he seems to save for attractive women, "Wow, that was really special. I really like you a lot."

Nicole Scherzinger agreed, stating, "It would be an honor for me to work with you," and Paula Abdul noted in a surprisingly coherent manner, "To me you have a great, authentic individual voice. Perhaps the biggest and most important praise, though, came from Mr. Cowell himself: "You did something with the song I've never heard before, and that's what I like about you."

From there, it was just a formality for Koch to rack up the show's soon to be trademarked four yeses, with Nicole ("a big old fat juicy yes") and Paula ("Yes with mustard and pickles on top") competing to say so in the dumbest way possible. (Paula won.)

Watch Caitlin Koch Sing 'Stop! In the Name of Love' on 'X Factor'