In an attempt to maintain an open line of communication with the public, Caitlyn Jenner has made it possible for people to send her comments and questions via a form you can fill out on her website. According to Caitlyn, the site received such a large influx of questions that it actually crashed at one point. But once things were back to normal, Caitlyn decided to respond candidly and thoroughly to a handful of messages in a separate blog post.

When asked whether she recognized a single moment that pushed Caitlyn to come out as a trans woman after living so many years as a man in the public eye, she answered, "I firmly believe that there are intensity levels of being trans. For example, a boy at a young age — four or five-years-old — might refuse to wear guy clothes and will only wear dresses. Not as a one-time thing, or as just dress-up play, but insistently, every day saying, 'I’m a girl.' They can’t — and won’t — hide their true identity, even at that young age. Then there are others, like me, who can (kind of) live with it for a long time, even though it’s very uncomfortable."

She continued, saying, "I had all of the issues, but I was growing up in a very different time and I had no information. Meanwhile, I had all of my diversions — sports…this…that…married…family — but after 65 years, here I was right back with the same problems that I had when I was 10 years old and I had to finally do something about that."

Caitlyn also opened up about what a relief it's been for her to finally embrace who she is, and how important and eye-opening it's been for her to develop friendships with other trans women.

She wrote, "Recently I went on a trip with some of my new friends and I had such a wonderful time. I packed for the first time — as just Caitlyn, nobody else — which is the first time I’ve ever done that. I was gone for five days and had such a fantastic experience with all of these girls who have all been through the same thing. We had so many stories to tell. We had so many things that we were all dealing with. It was just truly a liberating experience. I knew then that I could never go back."

You can check out the full Q&A over on Caitlyn's website.

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