Sentiments surrounding the LGBT charity event in Chicago this past Thursday were unfortunately not all positive. Caitlyn Jenner, star of her own reality series I Am Cait, was asked to deliver the keynote address at the luncheon, but was met with angry protests rather than applause as she left the event, Daily Mail UK reports.

A group of people from the trans community came together to protest outside the luncheon to share their anger at Jenner for being heralded as a representative of their community. Calling themselves "I Ain't Cait," the protesters believe that Jenner's wealth is unrepresentative of average members of the trans community, therefore rendering her unqualified to speak on their behalf.

The protest sparked a verbal altercation, which one of the protesters was able to capture on video, which you can watch below. The footage shows Jenner stopping to have a brief exchange with a black woman in the crowd, but the content of their conversation is difficult to make out over the persistent shouts of another unseen member of the crowd using a megaphone.

According to Daily Mail UK, however, the protesters were vicious in their comments about Jenner, purportedly calling her "a clueless rich white woman." And in reference to Jenner becoming a spokesperson for the trans community, protesters has this to say: "You are an insult to trans people. You are an insult to women."

Just as Jenner is escorted away by her security guards, the protester with the megaphone can be heard clearly yelling the same sentiment repeatedly, "We have been assaulted by police!" This same protester concludes their rant by claiming, "We have been violated! We have been violated by the system!"


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