Fresh off his 10-weeks-at-No.-1 Rihanna collaboration 'We Found Love,' Scottish DJ/songwriter/producer Calvin Harris teams up with Ne-Yo on 'Let's Go,' a bouncy new track that doesn't quite reach the heights of his previous hit.

Ne-Yo croons, "Let's go / Your time is running out / I'm talking here and now / It's not about what you've done / It's about what you doing / It's all about where you going / No matter where you've been." That's pretty much the extent of the lyrics, which means the high-energy beat has to carry the track.

'Let's Go' mimics 'We Found Love' with an instrumental pre-chorus that builds and builds to a huge climax as the chorus kicks in. It wouldn't be fair for every Harris song to be measured against 'We Found Love,' but in this case, because the song structures are similar, the comparison is unavoidable. 'Let's Go' is easy to dance to, but it's not going to bring down the house like the Rihanna collabo.

With his cameo on Pitbull's 'Give Me Everything' and now his work on 'Let's Go,' Ne-Yo appears to have successfully made the transition from soul music to dance. A slightly stronger song, however, would have allowed him to shine even more.

Listen to Calvin Harris' 'Let's Go' Feat. Ne-Yo