Carly Rae Jepsen is ready to trip the light fantastic.

In a new interview with The FADER, Canada's darling pop export waxed poetic on her upcoming "dreamy, sexy disco" inspired album, as well as her collaboration with PC Music maestro, Danny L. Harle, who produced her latest shimmering gem, "Super Natural."

Jepsen explained that she first heard of PC Music through her friend Nate Campany, a co-writer on the song.

"I was in L.A., and Nate said, 'You've got to come check this out, I promise you haven't heard anything like it,'" she said, adding, "I met Danny and he was instantly charming, and all the things you want in a collab — just somebody who's very excited about the whole thing. He played me some stuff and the first feeling I had was, I've never heard anything like this! Today in music, that's such an exciting feeling."

The collaboration, which first leaked online back in June, resulted in a glittering pop banger with sonic nods to the sugary club hits of the late '90s and early 2000s, a much different sound than her 2015 '80s-inspired record, E·MO·TION.

And another shift in sound is imminent for the singer, whose fourth studio record will be (at least as it stands currently) inspired by disco, something the artist previously teased in an interview with the Vancouver Sun.

"I really started [the new album] from a disco-inspired place," Jepsen explained. "Like Donna Summer: dreamy, sexy disco..."

She added that over the next few months, she'll continue "chipping away on the new album," which already sees collaborations with PC Music (Charli XCX), Mattman and Robin (Ellie Goulding, Gwen Stefani), Karl Johan Schuster a.k.a Shellback (Britney Spears, Tove Lo) and Rami Yacoub (Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys).

"I think I have about 17 songs that were started [on tour], just as little demos, that I [then brought] to Sweden. I went to Sweden for two and a half weeks, and I worked with a lot of the people I worked with on the last album," the pop star revealed.

"When we were in Sweden, we probably had seven or eight completely new ideas. That's the fun right now: to just write and play, and listen back, and see what's starting to feel right. It’s still so new."

Jepsen also dished on another potential collaboration for her album: "I had a meeting in London with Rod Temperton, the writer of 'Thriller," she shared.

"He's just the most amazing man... We just talked about what disco meant to him. I'm just going to dig in, and do my research, and figure out what exactly it is about disco that's exciting me... I'm allowing myself the freedom to not be totally committed."

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