Miley Cyrus was utterly and understandably devastated by the death of her dog Floyd earlier this week. We just learned what happened to the poor pooch and it is unbelievably tragic. 

The singer soldiered on and remained on tour, despite the grief, breaking down during a soundcheck while dealing with her pain. Details about Floyd's death were scarce at first, but we know Cyrus was crushed. One of the dancers on her Bangerz Tour revealed how poor, precious Floyd suddenly died.

The dancer shared images on Instagram, captioning a composite shot: "A team sticks together during hard times... Thank you Smilers for lifting @mileycyrus up tonight!!! The energy in the arena was indescribable.... #ripfloyd#bangerztour #boston."

When an unaware Smiler asked what happened to Miley, the dancer revealed the details.

Warning: It's very sad.

Turns out, Floyd was killed by a coyote. It's already devastating to lose a pet, but to lose him in such a horrific manner only adds to the acute pain. Coupled with the fact that Cyrus was away from home and on tour and didn't get to give her furbaby a proper goodbye had to compound the pain.

Our hearts go out to Miley, the Cyrus family and Floyd, who has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Their pain is understandably deep.

Below is the dancer's Instagram post and a screenshot of the comment, confirming the cause of death.

Miley Cyrus Floyd Screen Shot