It's pretty well-known in the entertainment world that Christina Aguilera is a bit of a diva. While many people would criticize the singer for her mightier than thou ways, Cee Lo Green, her fellow coach on NBC's 'The Voice,' is praising X-Tina for owning the diva persona.

"She’s a diva already. She’s got a glam squad," Cee Lo told Urban Informer in a recent interview. "The word diva stems from a negative stigma. She’s a woman. A Queen, and she’s a King. She’s royally successful. So, I can’t knock her about nothing. That’s Christina Aguilera. To me, she has one of the greatest voices of our time and I got nothing but respect for her."

Allow us to translate this Cee Lo speak. What Green is basically saying is that even though Aguilera likes to be pampered, look pretty, and has a high self-esteem, it doesn't mean she's a bad person. The 'F--- You' singer is acknowledging the fact that X-Tidna owns her diva status because she has the voice to back it up.

More power to you, Christina! As long as your not throwing cell phones at assistants Naomi Campbell style, there isn't anything wrong with getting a little divalicious.