While there's nothing we love more than a good (or crazy) celeb tattoo, sometimes stars don't exactly think things completely through before getting inked.

Take, for example, the delectable Harry Styles, who loved the band Temper Trap so much that he wanted to get lyrics from their song "Sweet Disposition" permanently inked on his arm for the rest of his life. Only problem? The lyrics were incorrect, as the band later revealed. Yikes!

Equally as awkward are those A-listers (Johnny Depp and Brody Jenner) who decided to get a permanent dedication to their loves — tattoos that actually ended up lasting longer than the relationships.

Then there are the handful of celebs (see: Britney Spears and Rihanna) whose foreign language tats ended up having different meanings than they intended and the stars whose skin art is just completely misspelled.

Moral of the story? Double, triple and quadruple-check your art before you get inked! And let these cringe-worthy celeb tattoos (which you can peep in the gallery above) serve as a helpful reminder when you hit the tattoo parlor. Accidents happen and celebs are not immune!

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