If Celine Dion's newest single is any indication, her recovery from the January death of husband Rene Angelil is slow, measured and relentlessly hopeful.

Dion released "Recovering," an early glimpse into her forthcoming English language album, Thursday (September 8) and cemented her status as ballad queen. The song, written by Pink, begins with quiet, elementary piano scales not totally dissimilar from Dion's own "War Is Over" cover. Then, the sound of her healing.

"Little by little, day by day / One step at a time / Shake off the devil / Take back my piece of mind / I am recovering," Dion sings, finding power in controlled whispers. That she rarely wavers from the melody is a bit of a pleasant surprise — she and Pink are two of pop's proudest, untethered riffers.

Dion first announced she and Pink were working together on the track in July. She said they'd bumped into each other at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, and that Pink proceeded to equip her with "a piece of luggage to help [her] to move forward."

"She is phenomenal,” Dion told Entertainment Tonight. “I love her for her talent, for her strength, for her focus, the person she is."

Dion's scheduled to perform Monday (September 12) on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Listen to "Recovering" above and tell us what you think of Celine's latest in the comments.

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