If you've never heard of 'The D--- Graze' before, well, Channing Tatum is now here to change that.

The '22 Jump Street' actor is all about the new, uh, handshake -- so much so that he explains it in rap verses and even demonstrates just how it's done. And if you haven't split your sides just from the description, his '22 Jump Street' co-star Jillian Bell is also there to show us the female equivalent, affectionately dubbed the 'The T-- Graze.'

The video starts off with Tatum just casually strolling by his friend and, um, demonstrating the move.

"Everybody's asking about the new cray," he raps. "See your friends hanging and you wanna wave / Give 'em a pound or a shake but that's played out / So you get closer and you let that d--- graze."

Not to be outdone, Bell retorts:

"Let me tell you how we say what's up with our lady bits," she raps. "I start feenin' when I see my girl sleepin' / 'Cause my hand's about to have a booby meeting!"

Clearly, it's all fun and games -- that is, until someone gets hurt. And that someone just happens to be Channing Tatum. Ouch!

Watch the hilarious video above.

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