If you've ever stopped by Charlie Puth's YouTube page, then you've noticed that he mentions he can make a "wicked" grilled cheese. When we sat down with Charlie to discuss his new music, we had to ask: Exactly what is his secret?

The "Marvin Gaye" singer started off by explaining how he discovered how to make the perfect grilled cheese.

"So that joke came from — I was on a date one time and I was like 'You know what, instead of going out to dinner, I’m going to make this girl some food,'" Charlie explained. "I was watching, of all movies, Mrs. Doubtfire and when he was dressed up as the lady and (bad example) he prepared this meal. I was like, 'I want to make this meal!' Do you know what scene I’m talking about? It’s like a pristine meal." [Editor's note: We think he means this one.]

With that ominous note to set the scene, how exactly did Charlie's dinner go?

"I was contemplating doing that, like ordering from the Italian restaurant across the street when I was living in Boston, but I was like, 'I’m going to make her dumplings!' Like, Chinese dumplings … That’s not ambitious at all," he laughed. "I can make the plates look nice. But it caught on fire. Big fire, smoke alarms went off … and I was like 'I’m just going to make a grilled cheese.' It ended up being perfect and it just showed me that you don’t have to overthink things sometimes. [Laughs] That’s the after-school special."

Okay, now that you know the back story, here's a little hint at the inspiration behind Charlie's tried-and-true recipe.

"There’s this great restaurant in Little Silver, N.J., called Edie’s [Luncheonette] and the only thing I’ve ever gotten there is grilled cheese," he revealed. "What they do is they butter both sides with marmalade — it’s like pure bacon fat, pretty much — on Wonder Bread. Cut it up into a nice triangle and just two small pieces of melty cheese. They do it with like bacon grease though and I don’t put anything else on it. I get seasoned waffle fries with ketchup out of a bottle, which is so much better than a plastic bottle, obviously, because it’s warm and it’s nice. You just dip it in some tomato soup and the French fries – it’s perfect. I basically got my recipe for grilled cheese from them."

And now that you're really hungry, we've got a peek at how to make a grilled cheese just like Charlie:

Charlie Puth's Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Lots of butter
Two slices of Wonder Bread
Two slices of melty cheese

Over-butter your bread. Even butter the cheese. Slap it in the pan.

"I like mine a little well-done," Charlie tells us. "This girl didn’t like hers well-done, so I just did a little burn on the edge. And that’s how you make a Charlie grilled cheese!"