Chris Brown channels Owl City on the airy, electronic pop song '2 Complicated,' a leaked track that features rapper Asher Roth.

The song starts unexpectedly with a classic rock-sounding electric guitar, as if someone is trying to mimic the intro of Heart's 'Magic Man.' After a few seconds, detached synths enter the picture, followed soon after by electronic beats and bloops that seem rather out of place for a Breezy song.

Even as he delivers some vicious lyrics, Brown sounds like he's trying to be Owl City's Adam Young when he sings in a bright, cheery voice, "You’re never satisfied / Guess what, I’ll stop f---ing trying / You suck / In case you didn’t know, you’re horrible / But it's always true / I'm always wrong, anything I do / And I always go to war with you / And I lose, yeah, yeah."

Brown especially sounds like Young on the Auto-Tuned chorus, "You're way 2 complicated / I can no longer take it / We're no good, let 's just face it / Cause you're way 2 complicated." We won't comment on the irony of the temper tantrum-prone star calling someone else complicated.

Throw in a guest verse from Roth, the 'I Love College' rapper who sounds exactly like Eminem, and '2 Complicated' ends up being the least original song we've heard in a long time. But, much like 'Yeah 3X,' Breezy's foray into electronic dance music, '2 Complicated' reveals that Brown is always looking to expand his own sound, and that's a trait that should be appreciated.

Listen to Chris Brown, '2 Complicated' Feat. Asher Roth
The audio has been removed, as requested by the RIAA