Strip away all the drama, legal nonsense and issues that have surrounded him as of late and realize that Chris Brown can always be counted on to offer amazing dance moves, to flash a crazy smile or to undress you with his eyes!

Breezy is super animated, and we've rounded up this collection of expressive GIFs that show the singer from all angles: funny, sexy, goofy, silly and entertaining. It reminds us that the sum total of Breezy is not the headlines.

Have a look at 25 amazing Breezy GIFS -- one for each year on the planet.

Breezy's tattoos are on full display here.

Check at that mischievous grin on his face. It's as though he is saying, "Aw, naw!"

Clap clap and a goofy grin. Oh, and more tattoos.

Breezy and his eyes are all sorts of animated here.

Want a smooch? MWAH!

We know, this one is sorta creepy, because he is sticking out his tongue.

Breezy performed a magic trick with his baseball cap. #Impressed.

In happier times with Rihanna at the Grammys. They were a lovely couple when they could get on the same page.

Hey, you! C'mere.

Humpin' around, like the Bobby Brown song.

He often goes bottle blond, like so.

Breezy does have a great, boyish smile.

Why so serious?

Those are some abs. We bet you could bounce quarters off those.

Did your knees totally get weak at the wink?

Even while making this crazy, goofy face, he still looks good. It's the dress shirt and the tie.

Does he need dental floss, or is he just showing off the grill? Maybe it's both.

Breezy does not look happy here. It's all in his tense features, pursed lips and blinks. We told you he is super duper expressive.

Even his shoulders have rhythm and groove.

Nerdy glasses look good on him even when his gaze is averted.

More good times with RiRi. Sigh.

What Chris Brown does best...

A well-accessorized R&B star needs glasses, a grill and gold. Breezy has it all.

Up close and personal. And bearded.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up.