Started from the bottom, now they're here! Chris Brown and Drake are in a cease-fire. The at-odds musicians have finally ended their feud, which reached its apex during the epic battle bottle in NYC, reportedly over their shared ex Rihanna.

The 2012 battle raged on, with lawsuits, trash talk, rumors, gossip and tons of drama. Seriously, there was so much post-fight nonsense that we almost needed an assistant to help us keep up. Now, Breezy and Drizzy have hugged it out.

The hug heard 'round the world supposedly went down at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas this past weekend.

The New York Post reports that Drake and his crew hit the fest on Friday (Sept. 20) in order to take in Breezy's performance. Last time their posses rolled in the same place, glass flew and bottles were shattered. It was ugly.

"Drake came on Friday with his whole crew, and watched Chris' entire set," a source said.

A backstage insider also said that they were "hugging and drinking" and even discussed possibly working on tracks together. Woah! Talk about going from zero to 60.

Man, if RiRi and Breezy could do music together after he beat the crap out of her, why can't Breezy and Drizzy do the same, since they never came to blows even though their respective entourages did?

Def Jam music exec Abou Thiam, one of Brown’s managers (a job we wouldn't want no matter how broke we were) and a brother of Akon, was said to be the peace broker. Since he is "friendly" with Drake, he was the one who made the effort to get them to bury the hatchet.

It's about time these two shook hands and extended olive branches. Bros before hos, right?