A very chill Chris Brown appeared on the 'TODAY' show this morning (Aug. 30) as we head into Labor Day Weekend.

It was somewhat dramatic, as is to be expected with Breezy. But it was tense in a low-key way. No shirt ripping. No punches thrown. Instead, the singer just refused to answer valid questions about the happenings in his life and seemed generally disinterested in being interviewed.

When asked about his recent seizure, he dodged the question and said, "I'm good, I just needed some rest."

That crafty interviewer Matt Lauer referenced Breezy's last 'TODAY' interview, during which he said he wanted to be a positive inspiration. Lauer then mentioned all the negative tweets Brown has been firing off into the Twitterverse. Lauer asked the singer if he was struggling with two different sides of his life. Brown totally shut it down, saying, "Uh, that's not my music… I love my fans," as if to say, "Hey, Matt, music questions only, brah!"

Overall, Breezy didn't say much nor did he offer any insight, and he would not address his threat to quit music, either. He left us hanging, informationally speaking.

He then performed 'Love More,' launching into some fancy footwork while doing so. He also performed 'Fine China' and seemed a little glib while doing so.

While Brown proclaimed his love for fans, this was not his best performance, by any means.

Breezy only smiles for his fans! #TeamBreezy4Life.

Rob Kim, Getty Images

That's the look of intensity.

Rob Kim, Getty Images

Bustin' moves is better than bustin' heads! Are we right or are we right?

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Holla for Breezy! He's had a rough summer. Just don't ask him about it.

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"Call me!"

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Watch Chris Brown Perform 'Fine China'