When Chris Evans and Chris Pratt make an epic Super Bowl bet, they do not disappoint. Just weeks after Pratt visited a Boston children's hospital dressed as Star-Lord, Evans visited pediatric patients in his Captain America costume.

Both actors visited Seattle Children's Hospital on Saturday (March 7), posing for photos with the beyond-giddy kids. While it was only Evans who was dressed in costume this time, it's clear that both Evans and Pratt were real-life superheroes in the eyes of the children. (Check out the heartwarming photos below.)

Though the actors obviously made the patients' days, the children taught them something from the experience as well. On Twitter, Evans wrote:

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor debriefed his experience on the social network as well:

"A superhero size THANK YOU to Chris Pratt and Chris Evans for spending time with our patients today," Seattle Children's Hospital wrote on Facebook. "The kids were beyond excited to meet Captain America and Star-Lord."

Even though it was Evans (a Seattle Seahawks fan) who technically lost the Super Bowl bet — which the guys started on Twitter back in January — we love that both actors really went above and beyond in this situation. Because, really, in a bet like this… everyone wins.

Seattle Children's reports that the actors helped to raise raise more than $27,000 for the hospital as well as Christopher's Haven in Boston.


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