Seahawks fan, Chris Pratt, may have lost a bet to Patriots fan Chris Evans, but everyone came out a winner in the end. Pratt and Evans made a bet via Twitter that whoever's team lost the Superbowl would visit a charity of the other guy's choice, dressed up in full superhero costume. When the Seahawks lost to the Patriots, Pratt showed up to Christopher's Haven -- Evans' charity of choice that helps children who are fighting cancer -- as Star-Lord, his character from 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

Pratt took to Facebook to post about his visit, writing, "Made good on that ‪#‎twitterbowl‬ bet! Starlord is proud to be in Boston today at Christopher's Haven with Chris Evans and some awesome families." He also added a few photos showing him posing with kids and their families, totally in character. Evans was there, too, though he wasn't dressed as Captain America.

Even more good news? The bet between Pratt and Evans blew up on social media where the two encouraged fans to donate money to Christopher's Haven and the Seattle Children's Hospital. Over $27,000 has been raised so far, and you can still donate to either organization.

Not to be outdone, Evans later took to Twitter to assure everyone that he and Pratt would also be visiting the Seattle Children's Hospital. That's what we like to hear!

You can check out some photos from the visit to Christopher's Haven above and below!

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