Remember Noah Ritter? He's the kid who went viral after being interviewed at the Wayne County Fair. Still not ringing any bells? Hint: He uses the word "apparently" a lot.

In addition to being a hilarious TV presence, Noah also happens to be quite the dinosaur enthusiast. He put his knowledge to the test on The Ellen Degeneres Show on April 23. The little guy faced off against Chris Pratt, who should know a thing or two about dinosaurs himself, since he stars in Jurassic World and all.

Ellen brings out her PA, Robbie, who Noah apparently really likes to moderate the game. (Side note: Why don't we see more of Robbie on the show? And how do we change that?)

The questions start off simple. Robbie asks the two competitors what someone who studies dinosaurs is called and Noah answers "paleontologist!" immediately and correctly.

The questions get more complicated, but that doesn't stop Noah, who easily (and enthusiastically) bests Chris. That's not to say Chris doesn't have some strong moments — he does correctly identify when dinosaurs went extinct and answers a question related to the brain size of a stegosaurus.

Noah is already shaping up as a mainstay on Ellen's show, having made a few appearances already — and if this particular stint is any indication, it looks like we have a young Ross Gellar on our hands.

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