There are a few film franchises that can truly stand the test of time, yet Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park is definitely one of them. The new trailer for its 2015 sequel Jurassic World just proves that.

The new installment will focus on when the dinosaur theme park opens to the public — you know, 22 years after a T. Rex wrecked havoc and a pack of Velociraptors ran amok. Chris Pratt stars as a swashbuckling Raptor tamer, and Bryce Dallas Howard stars as the ambitious Jurassic World boss. (As we previously reported, their onscreen chemistry is infectious.)

The most terrifying new element of the rebooted series? As the trailer reveals, the scientists have cooked up a new genetically modified hybrid dinosaur to increase attendance. But when that super dino begins to "kill for sport," well, let's just say the fun ends for everyone involved.

Jurassic World hits theaters nationwide on June 12. Watch the terrifying new trailer above.

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