Before she was a mom and a coach on 'The Voice,' Christina Aguilera was a former Mouseketeer struggling to create and maintain her own identity among a smorgasbord of other blond popstars. (Sound familiar?)

Thus, in 2002, the world was introduced to Xtina. Nine years later, we're finally learning more about her courtesy of VH1's 'Pop Up Video' for 'Dirrty.' The video opens with the revelation that the song represents Aguilera's "true self," but later reveals that Aguilera said the video is "all about the stank." We bet this set smelled fantastic.

What constitutes Aguilera's true self? A tattoo on the back of her neck, chronic lateness and battle scars from "a--less chaps" come to mind -- as well as a mean punch. Aguilera proved to be as strong as her vocals are when, during her fight scene, she accidentally knocked out her opponent!

At the core of both Xtina and 'Dirrty,' though, is ... Dirt.

When Aguilera insisted on shower scene (perhaps to get some of it off), she reportedly "got really into it," and MTV requested to cut most of it out because it was -- you guessed it! -- too dirty. Watch for yourself and learn more fun, filthy facts about Xtina.

Watch the 'Pop Up Video' for 'Dirrty'

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