Claws out. Christina Aguilera is not psyched about a media report that accused her of snubbing Justin Bieber when he stole the show on 'The Voice' on Tuesday (April 17) to reveal the 'Believe' release date. The Biebs hit the coaches panel to shake hands and say hello and in video footage of the exchange of pleasantries, Xtina does give him a dirty look. She does not look like a Belieber by any means.

The Biebs hotfooted it over to Adam Levine, who is his bro, and also shook hands with Cee Lo. When he got to Xtina, she extended her hand for a shake, while he opted to give her a kiss on the cheek and an awkward hug. As he walked over to offer Blake Shelton his hand, Xtina is caught on camera eyeballing him. If looks could kill, we might have a lot of mourning Beliebers right about now.

A tabloid ran with the story, causing the singer to suggest that it is an exaggeration. Hey, at least we know she reads her own press.

Her tweet is below:

You can watch the video of The Biebs on the show below and you can clearly see Christina looking unimpressed by him. Maybe it was lighting, the camera angle or just the way she was captured, but her body language feels obvious.

Watch the video and tell us what you think. Scroll to the 3:21 mark to see The Biebs greet the panel.

Did Xtina diss The Biebs? Was she giving him nasty looks? Or is it being blown way out of proportion. Sound off and let us know your interpretation of the exchange.