Six months after giving birth to her daughter, Christina Aguilera is finally ready to share a photo of her with the public. Christina is on the upcoming issue of PEOPLE with her daughter, and it looks like Summer totally has her mom's super intense baby blue eyes!

Christina is clearly over-the-moon in love with Summer, saying, "I was speechless. She was literally like an angel...We had an immediate calm bond, and I felt unexplainably connected to her and her spirit. Her smile lights up a room and I know it melts mama and daddy's hearts. She laughs a ton and is easy to make smile. She just wants to be where the action is!"

And it looks like Max, Christina's seven-year-old son, is already proving to be a totally attentive and loving big brother. Christina said, "I have no complaints. Beyond my expectations. He's like an old grandma coming in the room. He's seven and he was just so engaged with her." Too cute!

Check out the photo of Christina and Summer Rain on the cover of PEOPLE above!

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