With her stapler in hand and hot pink dip-dyed ends in her blonde hair, Christina Aguilera, along with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, performed her new single 'Your Body' with office supplies on Fallon's late night TV show. That's right, office supplies were used as instruments.

Pencils. Rulers. Smartphones. Paper. Keyboards. Scissors. You name it, and if you can buy it at Staples, it was used in this hilarious and adorable rendition. It showed a levity that we don't often experience when it comes to XTina.

The singer's voice sounded amazeballs, as it always does, and it didn't matter that ripping paper and pencils tapping on glasses were her backing instruments. She was having a good time, as was her backing band.

Fallon bumped and grinded to the melody, too. That was quite a nice, added touch.

Any singer can get on stage and perform their new single as the musical guest on a late night talk show, but seeing XTina and Co. do it this way was a refreshing change of pace.

While 'Your Body' hasn't exactly made a big dent on the radio charts nor is it a smash hit, despite being a good song, this rendition could provide a little jolt for XTina and her forthcoming album 'Lotus.'

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