Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie look tres chic in this black, lacy Michael Kors gown! The 'Your Body' singer and the 'Changeling' actress both wore this dress in 2012 to red carpet events, but which famous lady wore it best in your opinion?

First off, Xtina and Ang have very different body types, so the dress looks quite different on them despite the fact that it's the exact same design. Aguilera has a curvier figure, while Jolie is much slimmer, so the dress hangs on them in completely different ways.

The 'Lotus' vocalist also jazzed up the ensemble with some bling, wearing sparkly high heels and a bunch of shiny jewelry. She also wore her hair slicked back, whereas Jolie kept her hair down and wore black shoes to match.

Who do you think rocked this Kors stunner best? Vote for Christina or Angelina below.