A few years back, Christina Aguilera posed for Versace without any makeup applications to her gorgeous face, and more recently, Lady Gaga did the same thing for a spread in Harper's Bazaar. These professional, makeup-free photos of the 'Feel This Moment' songstress and the 'ARTPOP' hit maker are breathtakingly beautiful, but which songbird do you think looks the best without makeup? Xtina or Gaga?

Aguilera became the face of Versace back in 2003, and as if this news wasn't exciting enough at the time, when the ads began circulating, the singer had posed without a stitch of makeup on her face! While we're sure there was a bit of Photoshop and lighting assistance, there is no denying that the windswept Aguilera looks absolutely stunning, with her porcelain skin and eyes becoming the real focal points (sorry Versace, Xtina's face stole the show).

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga had the spotlight shining on her when the theatrical and crazy cosmetics lover daringly posed on the cover of Harper's Bazaar without makeup. The photographer who snapped these photos spoke about Gaga's cover, saying, "I think it was Stephen Gan, the art director of Harper's Bazaar, that came to us and said, 'I would love to have a shoot with Gaga where she's really bare, where it's really her,' because he knows her very well; they're great friends. He feels the same way that we do: She is so beautiful, but because of all the stuff around, you don't get the chance to see really the gorgeousness and the person inside in that part of her."

So, who do you think looks best without makeup? Xtina or Gaga? Vote below!