There's nothing we love more than having our favorite childhood movies ripped apart by analyzing them to the point where future viewings will prove to be revelatory, painful experiences. Screen Junkies does exactly that with their Honest Trailer of the classic Disney film, Cinderella. It's a hilarious look at the deep-seated messages of the movie, a definite product of its time.

It starts out reminding viewers that there have been so many incarnations of Cinderella over the years -- and even calls out the upcoming movie starring Lily James. The voiceover on the trailer is equal parts accurate, funny and a little bit sad. It says, "Revisit the animated classic that will cancel out all the empowering things your daughter learned from Frozen. Where girls are taught to be pushovers, do all the housework and that their problems will disappear if they’re hot enough to land a rich husband."

The trailer goes on to analyze Cinderella, herself. She talks to animals, which is not a normal thing, and is referred to as either "a power druid that can talk to animals or years of being locked away in the castle, knitting sweaters for mice, have slowly driven her mad." Of course, the lazy explanation for this is "magic," so we would probably just go with that.

Their description for the Fairy Godmother is equally funny as they call her "a guardian angel who's waited years to improve Cinderella's life in any way. Instead of helping her out when her parents died. Or when her step-family forced her into slavery."

There's no way to do justice to the trailer, so be sure to check it out above!

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