Is there anything better than Sarah Michelle Gellar parodying Cinderella in a Disney princess rap battle? No. No, there is not.

Thankfully, Whitney Avalon (who spoofs Belle in the video) made it happen and we could not be freaking out any harder. The video faces off the two fairy-tale heroines in a rap battle that would make the toughest person shirk back in fear. The princesses are throwing jabs and there's no doubt that crowns will roll.

"The Beast was in the friend zone / Till he gave you his library / Your points have no merit / You're jealous, declare it / Like I've always said / If the shoe fits wear it," Sarah Michelle raps, before throwing down the baller "Bibbidi-bobbidi-booyah."

Whitney holds her own against "Cinderella," rapping, "If you're so adored / Where's your Academy Award? / I'm the smart female heroine that can't be ignored / The moral of our quarrel and why I've got you beat / It's what's inside that matters / Not the size of your feet."

We've got to hand it to Sarah Michelle and Whitney. They're hilariously on point at they throw down references to the classic Disney movies, some sexual innuendo and, yes, even some historical facts about the famous company. They also get mad props for throwing in some important feminist commentary — even if it is in the context of the best princess face-off ever.

You can watch Sarah Michelle and Whitney channel their inner Disney princess in the video above! (Just a head's up, there's some PG-13 references in there!)

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