Everyone at Coachella had a great time, but it looks like Rihanna had more fun than most. Despite the festival claiming to be drug free (even medical marijuana isn't allowed), when you're one of the biggest stars in the planet, you do what you want. And when you're Rihanna, that means you toke up and take a lot of pictures.

The 'We Found Love' singer was at Coachella to party and support her collaborator, Calvin Harris, as well as to be photographed. The Bajan beauty posted numerous Instagram shots in various outfits, including studded hot pants and a cropped shirt reading 'PEACE,' exposing her bare midriff with 'THUG LIFE' scrawled across it. She also donned a denim corset, printed pants, a hat and her new trademark red lipstick in various shots.

The singer was in the audience for most of the festival, at times sitting on her security guard's shoulders (see below -- she called it her "party spot"). It looks like it may have hurt the poor guy, because she was still wearing her studded, spiked shorts at the time! She also hung out with bestie Katy Perry, apparently offering her a smoke.

RiRi joined Harris onstage halfway through his set, per The Hollywood Reporter. The dynamic duo joined forces on 'Where Have You Been' and 'We Found Love' to the crowd, who went absolutely wild at the performance. It just goes to show that while Rihanna loves having a good time, she also loves to share her fun with her fans!

Watch Rihanna and Calvin Harris Perform 'We Found Love' at Coachella 2012