Well, la da dee. Cody Simpson turns 17 today (Jan. 11) and the tanned, platinum-haired Aussie shares lots of photos from his daily dealings, documenting how he is growing up in the spotlight on Instagram. His feed looks like an eternal summer and is ultimately a scrapbook of his life.

In celebration of his big day, we've collected 17 of his best Instagram photos. With his golden locks and chiseled physique, it's no wonder Simpson likes to take lots and lots of selfies. But it's his fans who win, since the singer looks so good and is so generous with images.

So pull up a chair and head to paradise with Cody Simpson.


A paparazzi-like shot!


Leading man sexy selfie with shades.

Mirror selfie!

Stylin' in skinnies, a white tee and with a murse.

The jetset life. Shades? Hoodie? Smile? Cute!

Surfer boi.

Smooching a fan with a Cody Simpson tattoo.

Skater boi.


Piggybacking baby bro.



Up close and personal, and artsy.

Feet first.

Lost in thought.

Sick in bed selfie.