Australian teen heartthrob Cody Simpson, 14, is constantly getting compared to another teen idol, 17-year-old Justin Bieber. Although this constant correlation between the two singers might annoy some people, Simpson doesn't mind the analogous comments and also considers Bieber a friend. Some of his comments to MTV Australia even lead lots of people to believe that a collaboration is in store for Simpson and Bieber!

First off, Simpson explained that there is nothing but love and respect between him and Selena Gomez's main squeeze. "I’m a big fan of Justin's. We support each other a lot. He was talking to me yesterday about the songs he liked off my EP," Simpson told MTV Australia. "People feel like it's competition, but it's really like friendly and family. It's definitely not something that should be seen as a rivalry."

Simpson went on to say that even though he is compared to Bieber quite often, they two are actually very different. "We both grew up in very different lifestyles," Simpson explained. "I mean, he was in Canada playing hockey and listening to R&B music … I grew up on the beach down in Australia listening to totally different styles of music."

As for a collaboration, their different musical tastes aren't impeding Simpson from considering recording with Bieber. "I'm sure something will happen in the future," the 'On My Mind' Aussie said. "You'll have to wait 'till 2012. Next year, it's not that long."

What do you think? Would Cody and Justin's styles mesh well enough to produce a good song? Leave us a comment below telling us what you think about their supposedly imminent collabo.