Here at PopCrush, we obsess over all things pop just as much as our readers do. Every Friday, you’ll be able to get to know us a little bit better as we gush about our personal favorite pop culture-related things at this very moment. Read on to find out what our editors are crushing on this week!

  • Cody Simpson's 'Surfboard' on 'DWTS'

    This week’s finale of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ was packed with pop stars putting on amazing performances of their latest singles, and while they were all great, Cody Simpson stood out to me as the highlight. The Australian singer included a little bit of everything in his performance — contemporary dance choreo, electric guitar playing and even a short breakdown into a professional dance number as a nod to his time on the TV show as a contestant. Cody proved himself a star! (And I have the video on repeat.) - Mandi Salerno, Associate Editor

  • Jennifer Lawrence's Hair

    I've loved Jennifer Lawrence's haircut since we first saw pics of it looking shaggy-chic, but it wasn't until her 'Late Show' episode aired this week did I really get a good look at just how amazing it looked on her. While I thought she was as hilarious as always (I pretty much died at her Miley Cyrus story), it was her flawlessly wavy, bobbed locks that I was really focusing on. First of all, I love where her dangling earrings fell, so long that they actually came down past her hair, which I thought was a pretty cool contrast. And I just couldn't get over her tousled, beachy waves, completely envious since there is no way in the world I could curl my hair with that much success. And the length -- ugh, to die for! We all know that J. Law can rock it in any shade and any length, but I think the chic bob may be her best look yet: it's mature and professional, but also funky and down-to-earth, which pretty much describes the actress to a T. - Michelle McGahan, Associate Editor

  • Taylor Swift Talking Style

    It's no secret that I monitor Taylor's style with a watchful eye, but it's not often that she just sits down and talks fashion. During a recent Keds event, the singer answered the question on every Swiftie's mind: Why does Taylor always wear red lipstick? Naturally, Taylor's answer was adorable, relatable and made us reach for our own tube of lip color. - Maggie Malach, Senior Editor

  • Bella Thorne's Floral Dress

    Bella Thorne left the studio of ‘Live With Kelly and Michael’ yesterday looking stunning in a floral-print dress, oversized shades and the sleekest rose-gold stilettos ever. The yellows and pinks on her mini dress made her strawberry blonde hair glow and made me super jealous of the young actress’s ability to pull off red hair. The color totally suits her! As did the rest of her pretty and put-together outfit, which I’m still drooling over. - Mandi Salerno, Associate Editor

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  • Austin Mahone's 'All I Ever Need' Video

    I have to hand it to Austin Mahone: This video just about killed me. What an amazing tribute to his fans, a video that genuinely shows not only the passion that his Mahomies have for their idol and his music, but also the passion that he has for them as well. And while he doesn't explicity cry in the video, you can tell that he gets a little emotional while watching the footage -- and who can blame him? For a song that he told us he penned in the bathroom, 'All I Ever Need' is definitely one of my favorites -- and the music video makes me love it even more. Michelle McGahan, Associate Editor

  • 5 Seconds of Summer's 'Don't Stop' Video

    Seriously, how does a band top a music video in which strangers strip down to their skivvies? By becoming superheroes, of course! 5 Seconds of Summer did just that -- banding together to save the world -- in their new video for 'Don't Stop.' We love that they're continuing the unbeatable combo of catchy music and charming music videos. Maggie Malach, Senior Editor