As if girls didn't swoon over Cody Simpson enough, he has to go and channel one of cinema's top lady killers in his upcoming video. Simpson revealed to E! News that he's doing a James Bond-inspired theme for his 'So Listen' clip.

"It's a young James Bond theme," Simpson told E!. "We're putting together a lot of great choreography. There's a lot of dancing in the video. I think we're going to be making something very cool."

As for his Bond girl? It appears Simpson has a certain 'Desperate Housewife' in mind, based on some Twitter interactions!

Simpson will be stateside for quite a bit this summer. He's hitting the road with Big Time Rush as well as promoting the 'Hop' soundtrack, on which he has an 'I Want Candy' cover.

'So Listen' features T-Pain, but fans are much more excited about another potential collaboration: one with Justin Bieber! Though they've been in the studio together, Simpson doesn't know for sure if they'll work together on a duet. "We don't want to just put out anything, so I'm not sure. If we put the right track together, then yeah."