If you're a fan of both Cody Simpson's and the reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, your interests may soon collide at long last, should show producers get their wish.

According to TMZ, Cody’s mother Angie Simpson is currently in talks with producers about possibly being cast on the show, but they’re reportedly only interested if Cody agrees to appear onscreen, too. The reasoning behind such a move is to entice Cody’s audience to tune in and watch him, pulling in a younger viewership for the show.

If you don’t know much about the current cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s a move that probably makes little sense to you. But one of the show’s cast members is Yolanda Foster, who happens to be Gigi Hadid’s mom. If you’re still unsure of where we’re going with this, you should probably spend some time combing through the Cody Simpson archives on PopCrush.

Gigi Hadid is Cody’s ex-girlfriend, which means there’s potential for some weird drama here — TMZ goes on to report that if Angie and Yolanda become buddies on the show, they may try to get Cody and Gigi back together, making for high-ratings potential.

It's true that Gigi and Cody broke up again earlier this year, citing hectic schedules as the main reason behind their split. But a plan to reunite the two might hit a slight snag, because Gigi isn't single -- she's currently dating former pop-star-slash-current-occasional-DJ Joe Jonas.

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