Criminal Minds' Season 12 premiere, "The Crimson King," aired last night (September 28) on CBS, introducing Adam Rodriguez as new BAU team member Luke Alvez. The episode also featured longtime series star Thomas Gibson as Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner, though Gibson was recently fired from the show following an altercation with a writer-producer. Given that filming had already begun when Gibson was let go, his character had yet to make an exit on Wednesday evening — and seeing Hotch onscreen reminded a vocal segment of viewers how much they'll miss him, even pledging to stop watching altogether.

"It's like a bad Thanksgiving, looked fwd all year but now without your brother & your dad. Everybody's sad," one Criminal Minds fan tweeted. Wait, is Gibson the brother, the dad or both in this scenario? Either way, somebody needs the e-button below.

Check out more irate fans tweeting with #NoHotchNoWatch below. Agent Hotchner/Gibson will be gone by Episode 3 according to TV Guide, but viewers will hopefully be pleased with the return of Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss in a recurring guest role. Criminal Mind fiends, what do you think of newbie Luke Alvez so far?

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